Environmental Initiatives

Environmental Initiatives, EcoTourism.

Lane Cove River Tourist Park is committed to enhancing and sustaining the environment in and around the Park. The Tourist Park uses funds from business activities to invest back into the environment and environmental outcomes. Sustainable use drives our business objectives and best practice management.

Read our enviro business plan. Part of why we’re world leaders in EcoTourism.

Read more about EcoTourism here.

Carbon Reduction

Greenhouse gases cause climate change, and the main greenhouse gas is carbon dioxide, also called CO2. Our everyday activities such as driving or using electricity generate these greenhouse gases. Australia has one of the highest per capita greenhouse gas production rates in the world.

Follow our Carbon Neutral link to learn more  about Lane Cove River Tourist Park being carbon neutral, how you can help while you are here and what you can do when you get home!

Water Management

Water is a precious commodity, and particularly during periods of limitations such as drought, imposed by the unique Australian environment.

Water conservation techniques will reduce water usage, conserving it for the future. Follow this Water Management link to learn more about what Lane Cove River Tourist Park is doing to conserve water and how you can help!

Habitat Projects

With several threatened species populations in Lane Cove National Park, our Habitat projects are designed to create and maintain habitats for these species, thereby encouraging population growth.

Click here to learn more about the habitat projects at Lane Cove River Tourist Park and the species they are designed for.

Plants and Animals

The park has a very wide variety of native flora and fauna.  For public use, we have developed a number of interesting fact sheets on our plants and animals for download. Click here for the download page.  If you would like more plant and animal information, visit the National Parks website.

Eco Tourism

Being the only Tourist Park in Australia to be awarded Advanced Eco Tourism Accreditation, developer of the Green Parks Program, and partnership with Easy Being Green, Lane Cove River Tourist park is now an industry leader in Eco Tourism. Click here to learn more about our projects or visit the Eco Tourism Website

Maintaining our Environment

Lane Cove River Tourist Park has a waste management plan for the office, works depot and  provides recycling centres for use by our guests. We also have begun to convert high impact sites to eco sites (refurbished to reduce their impact on the environment by 35%). Our gardens are maintained with native species and we implement pest (animal and plant) management plans to help maintain the beautiful Lane Cove National Park. Click here to see what we are doing.

Supporting Future Scientists

The park is committed to the advancement of future scientists and how science will help conserve the environment and our way of life. Click here to learn more about our support of future scientists.

Community Education Programs

The park has a comprehensive community relations and environmental education program that is designed to assist the community and individuals in their pursuit of environmental protection.  We can provide everything from classroom presentations for students, through to a speaker for your next function or event.  Our programs and speakers are provided to your organisation at NO COSTClick here to contact our manager for more detailed information.

Indigenous Culture and History

We are compiling a very interesting and comprehensive section on the Aboriginal History and Heritage of our area. Keep an eye out for updates.Worm Farming

The park has embarked on an ambitious worm farming project. The project involves the implementation of several worm farms to compost and recycle the huge variety of food scraps that are thrown in with normal waste.  We are compiling a cool web page about our farming experience that will be available soon. Click here to checkout some interesting facts about worms.